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We are India based software development company founded in 2011. We believe in nurturing the inherent qualities of individuals and help them deliver world class solutions.  Equality and transparency are integral part of our business.  We believe in making a difference.

We believe in custom agile iterative and test driven development,  our way of development constitutes continuous emphasis on research to improve the output and this we do by relying on proven open source technologies.  We believe in self explanatory code and minimal documentation.


What We Do

Our services are poised to get maximum ROI at a very low TCO and this we do by using exciting open source stack wherever possible.  And making use of proprietary softwares based on client needs and specific requirements. Using right tools for code repository,  project tracking we ensure better customer experience.


We provide state of art implementation services for user interfaces primarily targeted for software applications of all types. We are not afraid of using latest advancements such as html5,  css3,  responsive layouts and frameworks such as Angular JS to make the user experience absolutely nice and easy.

Architecture & Design

We tend to move away from monolithic software architecture implementation and instead use different languages and technologies based on the nature and anticipated behavior of system. We try to reduce the upfront burden by simplifying the architecture and introducing staged mechanism of scaling.


We are involved in various aspects of Cloud technology,  we have experience using cloud in the form of offerings such as SaaS,  using PaaS and IaaS.  We have predominantly used AWS,  Heroku,  Linode and Azure.

Software Development

We have immense experience on software development on different technology stack,  a number of IDEs and tools that aid in rapid development. Iterative mode of development and tailored agility helps us to maintain attaining scheduled deliveries with an uncompromised quality.


Our development experience on web varies from small websites,  applications to mammoth applications.  We choose our implementation architecture and technology stack very carefully to ensure that it fits the need in an appropriate way.  We are experts in rapid development of web applications and we have mastered the way we help evolve large systems that need deployment on cloud infrastructures consisting of dns routing,  load balances,  clusters etc.  And we develop these applications using almost all the languages available at this time.


Applications for desktops are developed using various approaches namely – using MS tool set,  Java desktop libraries, within browser engines such as Mozilla and chrome or by using Titanium and Adobe air.


Our team is incredibly efficient in developing mobile applications of any scale on the platforms as specified – IOS,  Android & Windows.

Integration services

Our integration services are world class and this implies to both open source based integration as well as proprietary integrations,  we have indepth implementation experience using RabbitMQ,  Redis and Socket IO for realtime integrations and messaging, Websphere MQ, Message Broker. SOA in general,  usage of SOAP and REST based services on any technology stack.

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