The idea of 1stSpade is to collect every information related to poker at one place, or at least links to where you can find it. It can be considered to be a mix of

  • Blogging Website,

The focus will not only be on the information about poker players but also on everything else that has to do with poker, like

  • videos, articles, books,
  • tournament results,online results,
  • news, Blogs, pictures, comics,
  • rules, poker rooms,
  • learning sites, forums,
  • online poker rooms, resorts,
  • poker shows, events etc

One can register to be able to promote oneself as a person & as a poker player.

ALL uses will have a chance to make money on the site. Either by publishing pictures that are sold, having very popular blogs or by doing something that we think is worth a prize!

And last, but not least: users will have the chance to have two or three (for sponsored players) commercial areas.


  • HTML5, JQuery,
  • Ruby on Rails, MySQL,
  • Redis, NodeJS,
  • Express, Nginx– for load balancing,
  • Puma Application Server (clustered)